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Biden’s Sexual Assault Denial Is Irrelevant



Vice President and 2020 Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden was recently accused of sexual assault by a former aid named Tara Reade. Reade worked as an aide and intern coordinator for Biden and in 2019 reported that Biden was inappropriate with her via making comments about her legs and appearance and asking her to work as a cocktail waitress for various parties. The allegation of sexual assault was added in recent days. 

The accusation includes all of the hallmarks of a claim that any sensible person would consider at least muddy and in need of some thoughtful investigation. First of all the events occurred 30 years ago, so memories and witnesses are long since made unreliable. On the side of credibility, Reade can prove that she told three separate individuals including a non-relative after the events occurred which is a lot more than most of these type of accusations can provide. 

Unfortunately for Joe Biden and women everywhere, none of this matters anymore. Over the course of the last five years in particular but ten years overall, liberals have made it their absolute mission to move our society into a post-truth era when it comes to sexual misconduct allegations where collective wisdom and commonly understood morality mean more than evidence, credibility or justice.

Sabrina Rubin Erdely the “journalist” and liberal who wrote the completely fabricated UVA gang rape story and did not verify a single fact whatsoever before pushing to publish

The movement first gained momentum with college campuses. Fraternities were villainized to the point that the left media published completely fabricated stories having done no-due diligence whatsoever accusing entire fraternaties of atrocities like gang rape and going so far as to allow innocent boys to be expelled from school with no trial on the basis only of a single accusation. The notion was simple. The collective wisdom and commonly understood moral north was that you must “believe all women” no matter what. No matter the stakes. 

These protestors I’m sure will all be ready if Biden doesn’t step down. Believe survivors they say! Evidence not welcome here. 

This movement came to a resounding crescendo when Brett Kavanaugh was being vetted for Supreme Court Justice by the Senate of the United States. A woman named Christine Blasley Ford came forward with an accusation that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her about thirty years prior when Kavanaugh would have been sixteen years old. The left made very clear that it did not matter that the event was thirty years old. It did not matter that Blasley Ford could not produce a single witness to corroborate her story or even the events which surrounded the incident (not a single person could testify that the party she claims the event took place at even occurred or that the House where it took place existed at all). Ford was to be believed no matter what. Celebrities like Amy Schumer and hoard of yelling protestors sat in at the Senate halls and crowded DC sidewalks. They cried. They got arrested for publicity. All to defend women. All to support a claim which had not a single iota of any evidence whatsoever. The claim alone was enough for the collective wisdom where you “believe all women.” 

Celebrity and liberal, relative of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Amy Schumer raising her fist in solidarity with women against Brett Kavanaugh – I am sure she will also show up to do the same against Joe Biden

To be very clear, many and most women are absolutely telling the truth. Many fraternities participate in abhorrent behaviors which are dangerous to themselves and especially to their female guests. They go without supervision with no requirement for a resident adult (whereas sororities are required to house an adult for supervision). Men of power like Senators and Presidents and lobbyists and Congressmen often abuse that power. They often make women feel small and cross boundaries and even commit atrocious crimes like assault. But unfortunately all of those very real claims and very incidents are now tainted and charged by the left’s insistence that no proof is needed and no justice need be carried out. Instead of encouraging women to report right away, tell a friend, tell a counselor, and get justice for ourselves – the left has sent a message that these stories are primarily political weapons.

So for Biden – the fact is it doesn’t matter if he did it. Unlike thoughtful and reasonable thinkers on the right, Biden already subscribed to the notion that all women no matter what must be believed. His party is the inventor of injustice. His denial of wrongdoing on MSNBC does not change a thing. When there is no trial, there is no plea. In the eyes of the left and the collective wisdom and the common morality – Joe Biden is guilty and must leave the Presidential race (and society forever). In fact, if he does not step down from this race it is the responsibility of those protestors and celebrities who got arrested during Kavanaugh’s hearing to do the same at the democratic convention. Accused. Convicted. By their own standard: Joe Biden is an enemy of women. 

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