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Candace Owens Banned from Twitter



Candace Owens, a 31-year old American conservative political activist and commentator, who is renowned for her staunch support of President Donald Trump, claims that Twitter has banned her from the platform. 

On May 1, she sent a tweet to residents of Michigan advising them to go to work. 


Ordinarily, such a tweet would not be considered controversial. However, as per Click On Detroit, Michigan has recorded 45,646 COVID-19 cases, which could be higher as authorities continue reviewing “vital records.” Further, the number of deaths stands at 4,343. 

Based on this, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a stay-at-home order from March 24. Nevertheless, the order has proved quite unpopular in the state with many residents taking to the streets to protest Gov. Whitmer’s decision to extend the lockdown. 

As shown in the screenshot above, Owens asked the residents of Michigan to defy Gov. Whitmer’s order and go back to work. Further, Owens blasts Gov. Whitmer for thinking that she is a “duly elected dictator of a socialist country.”

Consequently, Twitter saw it fit to ban her. According to Twitter Rules, Owens deserved the ban because she broke one or more of the rules put in place to promote engagement. In all likelihood, Twitter must have banned her for either: 

  1. Abusing or harassing Gov. Whitmer and the police
  2. Posting and displaying a hateful conduct

Later, Twitter opted to reinstate Owens. Nevertheless, the tweet that caused Twitter to ban Owens in the first place is no longer available. It is worth noting that Owens had appealed the ban before being reinstated. 

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