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Fake News Reports Obvious KKK Hoax in Fallon, NV



This weekend in Fallon, NV (population 8,400) featured a small and peaceful Black Lives Matter protest along with a counter protest (against rioting). The two protests stood next to each other with less than 100 people between them (from what photos reveal). The protestors took time to discuss issues with each other, to shake hands and to even hug. But leave it to the leftist media to never let a good thing transpire. Instead of reporting with the same peaceful truth as the local media provided, Newsweek took it upon themselves to highlight the antics of a couple of instigators in a bad disguise. 

During the peaceful standoff, three men showed up in white hoods waving trump flags. [Insert my skeptical face here]. We will never know if the men were truly members of the KKK or Trump supporters. What I will say is that the cadence of the man’s walk appeared to be mocking and when the police immediately intervened and told the men to go home – they capitulated with no protest. Seems a little unusual for a genuine white supremacist to just shrug and go home in the middle of what they would perceive as a race war. That being said, I’ve never belonged to a white supremacy group so what would I know. 

In my opinion: these three goobers were making fun of the Trump supporters and calling them racists by wear hoods. View the video yourselves and let us know what you think.