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Read It Here: Trump Labor Secretary Says Americans Will Be ‘First In Line’ For Jobs, Not Immigrants



Before Americans celebrated Independence Day, Trump Labor Secretary was celebrating Americans in an op-ed with Fox business.

Secretary Eugene Scalia laid out plans for an economic comeback, and made one thing crystal clear: Americans will be prioritized when it comes to filling the new jobs this economy needs. 

“From his first days in the Oval Office, President Trump has prioritized the American worker. His policy decisions reflect this: Broad tax cuts, commonsense deregulatory actions, and bold trade deals that brought millions more jobs and rising wages by re-invigorating America’s business sector—a “blue-collar boom,” until a virus from China forced us to hit pause.

Last week the president took an important step to help Americans who have been put out of work by the virus. He signed a Proclamation to guarantee that the millions of Americans seeking to return to the workforce are first in line to fill the jobs coming back online.”

Scalia notes that this plan to put America First will also includes a substantial overhaul to the popular H1-B visa program, saying “The H-1B program was never intended to create a pool of foreign labor that displaces Americans’ opportunities for good-paying jobs.”

Adding that “more than 20 million Americans have been put out of work since February, when we were enjoying record-low unemployment.  And while we are on the road to recovery—in May, 2.5 million jobs were filled—many Americans remain unemployed and eager to return to work.  The president’s order ensures that these unemployed men and women have the first crack at available jobs.”

With an uncertain future ahead, it’s great to hear President Trump and the Department of Labor are defending the American worker.

You can read more from Secretary Scalia at this link.