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10 best name ideas for the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins



This week the Washington Redskins organizations announced they were ditching the name and rebranding after a years long battle over the term “redskin” and its heritage as a racial slur to native people. It’s unclear if in the current climate they will be allowed to keep “Washington” since founding fathers are not allowed any sins in the eyes of the mob. 

Regardless – I have some great ideas for the rebrand. Here are my top 10 best names.

1. Washington Warrens

Elizabeth Warren is a proud native woman and it’s time the NFL paid her tribute. 

2. Washington Truthy Interns 

Nothing is more frightening to DC professionals. 

3. Capitol Cronies 

Just in case we CAN’T use Washington. Descriptive of the local peoples. 

4. Washington Redtapes 

Barely changes the name. Ironically the most cost effective option.

5. D.C. ~Intellectuals~

It’s aspirational! NFL viewers will love it!

6. Maryland’s Other Team 

Baltimore has the Ravens so they could just be the other guys. 

7. Washington Women’s Marchers

A truly unstoppable movement. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with those ~feminists~? 

8. Washington Capitals 

This is already the name of the Stanley Cup winning hockey team so maybe if they take their name they might make a playoff someday also.

9. DC Area Black Lives Matter

It seems to be a popular name to paint on stuff so this one should stick.

10. Washington Racism Solvers

They changed the name so it’s over now. They did it.