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Do You Know The 4 Sad Liberals Who Faked COVID for Attention?



As we have seen time and time again – liberals love making everything their own personal tragedy. 

Never can a crisis pass by without your friendly neighborhood progressive becoming a victim of it. 

Racial inequality? Somehow post-graduate degree holding white professionals are defining and fighting against the white supremacy of their own imaginations. 

Virus dangerous to only those who are high risk? All liberals are high risk now and they all MUST have had it. 

The issue of soft bellied stay-at-homes claiming they once at COVID or must have it now is becoming so prevalent the medical community is having to debunk the idea through the release of antibody data. 

Here are some examples of unlikely lefties who believe they MUST have had COVID-19 so we can all believe them as absolute experts on the issue: 

1. Dr. Joseph Fair 

Hitting the headlines this week is Dr. Joseph Fair the NBC contributor and virologist who documented his very sad very scary COVID-19 battle which he claimed, dramatically, to have contracted on a “packed” flight through his eye sockets. 

Once he finally got tested, weeks following his claims, it turns out he never had COVID-19. Maybe he just had a cold.

2. Greta Thunberg

In March, 2020 Greta Thunberg claimed that she and her dad “probably” had COVID-19. She said she isolated herself because she was feeling ill and that was probably COVID. Later she was an invited panelist on CNN’s Coronavirus town hall. She was a worthwhile voice on the issue as a “child advocate” having had the virus herself. 

3. Gavin Creel 

Broadway actor, Gavin Creel, who won a Tony award for Hello, Dolly! And has starred most recently in Waitress said that he believed he had COVID-19 despite not being tested. He made this announcement on Rosie O’Donnell’s tragic little webcast. He said the symptoms were like a “cruddy flu” and yet seemed very sure it was the oh so dangerous, COVID-19. 

4. Nyle DiMarco 

Nyle DiMarco was the winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 25 being the first deaf contestant to compete (which is neat) and then also was the Dancing With the Stars champion for season 22. You may remember his winning freestyle performance to Sound of Silence. Nyle was sure that he had COVID-19 even though he opted out of a test so people with “more severe symptoms” could be tested. If his symptoms weren’t very severe I wonder why he had thought he had the virus? 

BONUS: Chris Cuomo 

Chris Cuomo actually claims he did TEST positive for COVID-19 but since he is a known peddler of fake news I find the diagnoses so convenient: I simply do not believe him. He theatrically described chipping his tooth from “shivering” and hallucinating his father which is weird and definitely fake. Anyone who has hallucinated from fever before (including me from a regular flu when I was a teenager) knows that hallucinations aren’t very clear cut. I don’t see a chipped tooth and he continued to broadcast through all of it. Chris Cuomo faked COVID-19.