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Jeff Sessions Just Proved It: The Never Trump Movement Is Dead



Despite the liberal media salivating down their chins at the idea of a mass “Trump exodus” lead by a pathetic group of political rejects (who never voted for Trump in the first place) – it appears they will be let down in 2020. 

This week, long time political veteran and Trump traitor Jeff Sessions lost his primary bid for a Senate seat he had already held to a newcomer with no political experience, Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville is a renowned former football coach of Auburn University and most significantly was endorsed by President Trump. 

Former Senator Jeff Sessions ran unopposed in 2014 for the Senate seat he just lost in a primary. So its no wonder the professional politician believed he could win it back. Unfortunately for Sessions and the liberal media, Trump voting republicans are principled and don’t forget when they’ve been lied to. 

Following his election, Jeff Sessions was one of the first nominees President Trump put forward for his cabinet to serve as Attorney General. President Trump, like the rest of us, believed in Sessions because of his stalwart positions on immigration reforms and border control. However, when put to the test – those positions didn’t turn out to hold much water. When the left fabricated the notion of “russian interference” with the 2016 elections, Sessions recused himself from his duty as Attorney General to reveal those lies for what they were and protect the integrity of the American election system. 

For a man who claimed to be so bent on preserving the nation’s borders it was disturbing that he could not even stand up against the petty insurgence of sore losers inside our own system. President Trump replaced Sessions with Attorney General William Barr who has proven a much more sturdy and consistent protector of our nation’s laws. 

So when Jeff Sessions, a long-time political insider, decided he could just take back his old Senate seat and no one would be troubled – President Trump did the right thing by endorsing his opponent. Conservatives know that it is better to have new blood with new ideas who actually has worked in a real job for a living than the same old lawyer who has already proven false. Voters trust President Trump when his is consistent in his aim to protect the American people from politicians who make their living on telling us what we want to hear then doing whatever they feel like later with no remorse or deviation from their original talking point.

The media tries to simultaneously represent this loss as a sign of how President Trump rules his party with an iron first but also somehow that mass groups of voters are abandoning Trump and his values. Those two facts are at total odds with each other. The media knows that this loss means that voters are sticking with Trump.

The real fact is that voters continue to support President Trump because he makes himself transparent and he does not allow himself to be fooled by the same political slide of hand over and over again at the expense of the American people the way every other politician for the last 30 to 40 years has done. 

Jeff Sessions sunk his own ship by being a weak spined turn-coat who listened to his DC buddies over real Americans at a crucial point of American history. President Trump simply didn’t give him a life raft back to power. By not throwing their own life preservers, voters showed they trust President Trump’s judgement and are sticking by him through November.