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This MSNBC Host Just Can’t Stop Lying



MSNBC’s Joy Reid claims to be a “journalist” and is quick to criticize elected officials for any perceived biases. This doesn’t stop her from being a belligerent partisan hack on every form of social media she can get her hands on. As a known peddler of fake news, its no surprise that Joy finds it natural to make up horrible things about everyday Americans and face no consequences for her actions.

Joy Reid used her large public platform to share a photo of a woman she does not know and who is not a public figure with claims that she made racist remarks which she did not make. 

In the photo, viewers can see there is some form of altercation between the woman, Roslyn La Liberte, and the young man with a laptop. It is not known what was said on either side. A journalist would represent the facts as known. In fact, had Reid done any research at all she would know the boy himself denies the woman was rude or yelling or even that she said anything remotely offensive. He repeatedly said she was civil and does not deserve what has happened to her. He voices his concern that her opinion is being silenced when she was raising it in a forum where opinions are meant to be raised.

Reid instead claimed that the photo proved the racism of Trump supporters and La Liberte herself. She claimed she specifically called him “a dirty Mexican” and that he would be “the first one deported.” Those are serious charges made against a woman on a very public platform. La Liberte took her to court for libel in 2018 and initial lost her case under a provision of the law which essentially protects journalists from frivolous lawsuits. However on appeal this week the court sided with La Liberte and she will be able to bring libel claims against Joy Reid.

For her part, Joy can’t understand why the first amendment doesn’t protect her right to destroy someone’s life with outright lies about their actions or words. Poor, Joy. Sad!

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