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11 of The Dumbest Liberal ‘Hot Takes’ on COVID-19



A “global pandemic” is a weird time for everyone but liberals are really taking it to a new level. Here are the top 11 dumbest things liberals have had to say on the COVID-19 situation:

  1. Banksy’s dumb grafiti art on the London Tube

The cleaners removed all of this garbage and the left flipped out. The rule is that no graffiti in the tube. Being rich and famous doesn’t exempt you from rules even though the left apparently thinks it should. The person who cleaned this off did the right thing. Also Banksy is lame and a cultural appropriator. Also again: Banksy is lame.

  1. The dumb notion that a disease with a 1% mortality rate should prevent care of all other diseases 

First off: If a disease has a 30% mortality rate (like Breast cancer) patients with that disease should never take a back seat to patients suffering from a disease which has a 1% mortality rate. It makes zero sense. And yet the government halted mastectomies and cancer treatments for new patients in most states. Second of all: The part of “eat the rich” and “down with the 1%” is suddenly very concerned about the impact of the loss of 1% of the population. And lastly: COVID-19 doesn’t have a 1% mortality rate and also mortality rate doesn’t mean 1% of Americans will die that would assume that every single American gets the virus. And even if you did catch most Americans have a risk of death still under 1%. 

  1. The dumb idea to keep schools closed 

According to the Mayo Clinic and the CDC data – less than 2% of confirmed cases are school aged children. Children who contract COVID-19 experience incredibly mild symptoms much like a cold they might otherwise ignore (fatigue, cough, aches etc). So first of foremost – any school closure has nothing to do with the health and safety of children. And if liberals keep pretending it is – guess what? Homeschooling has always been an option if they want to stay home. But lots of parents cant stay home and many low income students or students from troubled backgrounds rely on school for essential needs like food or warmth/air conditioning. Not to mention their future outcomes. 

The health and safety of teachers and parents also does matter – but according to the CDC wearing a mask and standing six feet from the source of illness lower risk of contraction by significant margins. Why is it easier for teachers to instruct from a video camera than in the classroom wearing a mask standing six feet from the front desks? Is a no hug policy so difficult in exchange for ensuring the futures of America’s youth? Is it really the kids that matter? Closing schools is a dumb take.

  1. The dumb idea that government health officials are less capable of lying or being wrong than other government officials

Attention leftist morons: The CDC and all its functions are technically all part of the Trump Administration. The data is going from one part of the Trump administration to another part of it. In fact, its now going directly to the Department of Health and Human Services who overseas the CDC already. All government is government. And hospitals have been straight up lying so the data needs better oversight. Trusting certain government officials over others is dumb. Especially when one part actually belongs to the other. Super dumb.

  1. The dumb idea to ban gatherings except BLM protests 

Banning the freedom of assembly is dumb to begin with. But to ban freedom of assembly and forcibly enforce that ban on funerals and social gatherings but then allow protests is extra dumb. Bill De Blasio went X-games level dumb by banning freedom of assembly in the name of public health except SPECIFICALLY Black Lives Matter protests. Certain political ideologies change the nature of viral spread? This bizarre hypocritical type of policy is a nationwide trend. Its supreme dumb. 

  1. The dumb targeting of Florida

Its true that the state of Florida is experiencing a case spike like other states in the country. But their mortality rate remains very low comparatively and FPF already covered the scandal of their hospitals inflating case reporting. Plus – when you compare Florida’s spikes to liberal states like California and New York – they’re right on par and yet I don’t hear the dumb liberal twitter hoard calling for Cuomo’s or Newsom’s resignation. Florida is not different than any other highly populated state. Singling out Florida is dumb.

  1. The dumb business closures

It is always dumb close businesses. There are no circumstances where it is the ethical, practical or legal thing to do to invoke emergency powers to close businesses for longer than the duration of a hurricane. It is even more stupid to decide certain businesses are safe if people stay six feet apart but others are not safe if they can manage the same parameters. Even deeper into stupid is to finally reopen thoses businesses, apply new safety regulations, then close bars and bars only with no regard to good and bad actors or ability to follow the rules. 

So now according to liberals, if a bartender hands a patron a beer and a sandwich they are more safe from COVID than if he’d only handed him a beer. Or in some cases they’re shutting down the entire entertainment business again because being six feet apart at a hardware store is somehow safer than six feet apart at a dining table. Stupid.

9. The dumbest belief that having COVID-19 is “trendy”

I don’t want to straight call people liars, but I do find it very surprising that so many celebrities who have claimed to be quarantined and following safety rules ended up having COVID-19. Statistically speaking its pretty unlikely that their individual mansions got hit this hard. More likely a bunch of leftists decided it gave them more credibility and victimhood to claim they’d tested positive for COVID so some just decided to say they did. Even if they did really have it they all weirdly celebrated it with elaborate long social media posts and virtual press tours. Its weird. Its dumb.

10. The dumb critiscm of the President and Vice President when they do or do not wear masks

The President and Vice President are tested every single day. Everyone who is in contact with them is tested. They are the two people in the world least likely to need a mask. They also do wear masks if they have back to back appointments with those outside the White House. It is insanely stupid to criticize them for not wearing a mask for the sake of perception only. Perception is not reality. Reality is reality. 

And finally the dumbest take of them all…

11. The dumb blame of President Trump 

Not only did President Trump close our borders as soon as the virus was declared a pandemic in China – against the wishes of liberals and the mainstream media – but he also immediately set up a taskforce to address the issue. He commissioned two Naval ships to manage hospital overruns (that of course never came to fruition and never will) and totally closed American borders before any other country in the world – all of which have now followed suit. It is stupid beyond measure to hang a viral incident on the neck of a politician of any kind. The government cannot and will not ever be able to save us from illness. But its particularly stupid in the case of COVID-19 and President Trump.