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Where’s The COVID-19 Data Going Now? The Answer Will Blow A Liberal’s Mind



This week liberals lost their collective minds because the Trump Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services made a technical update to how data is centralized and reviewed. 

Their headlines read “Hospitals ordered to bypass CDC and send COVID-19 data directly to Trump Administration.” Um…the CDC is the Trump Administration. The only role the CDC currently has in the hospital data is to review then send onto a centralized data bank for review. They are not checking for accuracy as proven by the revelation that clinics are reporting fraudulent COVID-19 cases at a rampant rate. 

First of all, the change is nothing at all and might even help ensure better accuracy. The data is totally public and available for scrutiny. No one is pulling one over on anyone and taking out the field office middle man will lower administrative burden and reduce risk of human error. Second of all, the party that wants every single thing to be totally centralized out of DC (see: outrage over the move of Department of Agriculture offices to field positions just last year) they seem pretty upset that local bureaucrats don’t get to see the data in advance of the American people. 

Below is a chart comparing the old system to the new system (or in liberal terms the GOOD system and the EVIL system) that might blow a liberals mind since its actual nothing: 

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