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Portland Police Union Boss Says Liberal Officials Are Condoning ‘Destruction And Chaos’



Portland police union boss Daryl Turner has had enough of the violent BLM protests in his city.

In a press conference on Sunday, just after the rioters had broken into the union building and set fires inside, he issued a powerful statement.

“This is no longer about George Floyd.”

He continued, “this is no longer about racial equity or social justice. This is no longer about reform or the evolution of policing. This is about violence, rioting, destruction, chaos, anarchy, buildings on fire, dumpsters on fire, broken glass, and damaged businesses.”

His comments addressed the rioting and looting that has rocked Portland for nearly two months.

Those riots are responsible for an estimated $23 million worth of damage to the city.

President Donald Trump has already deployed the Department of Homeland Security to help protect the city, but the federal government presence has been highly protested by local officials. The Mayor even told DHS Secretary Chad Wolf that “the best thing [the DHS] can do is stay inside their building, or leave Portland altogether.”

It seems that many citizens of Portland, including Daryl Turner, disagree with the mayor’s radical support of an increasingly violent agenda.

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