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Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Be President Of The United States, But She Has A Real Shot Leading These 6 Other Countries



For the past four years and more intensely this week, former-First-Lady-and-disgraced-Secretary-of-State-but-never-president Hillary Clinton has been unable to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential election which she lost decidedly. At first she pretended the Russians had stolen it from her but now she just laments that electoral system insisting that if not for it – she would have won the election (due to winning the popular vote).

So basically Hillary Clinton is saying “If I had run for president in another country I would be president now.” Intriguing thought! If the system was entirely different than the one she knew she was running in – then yeah maybe she’d have won. Let’s examine which countries’ systems are perfectly suited for Hillary Clinton’s style of campaigning: 

  1. Mexico 

Hillary significantly out fundraised President Trump and has been known to ~eliminate~ obstacles in her path. It’s not hard to buy a Mexican election. Just ask the cartels. Hillary could easily be Presidente. 

  1. Iran 

In Iran they elect what’s called an “Assembly of Experts” who appoints the “Supreme Leader” which functions like our President except with no power checks and balances and more murder. The “Assembly of Experts” candidates have to be vetted and approved by the “Guardian Council” who are 12 appointed individuals with no oversight whatsoever. A group of self-proclaimed experts and guardians cherry pick candidates and then pretend that a popular vote election would matter? Sounds like the DNC! No question Hillary would be President or Supreme Leader of Iran had she run there. 

  1. Indonesia 

In the 2019 Indonesian presidential election (determined by Hillary’s favorite method, popular vote), 500 election officials died under mysterious circumstances. In the U.S. – Hillary could only get away with a DNC staffer or five. If no one blinked at an eye at 500 – she’d have been unstoppable. Definitely could be President of Indonesia. 

  1. Ironically – Russia

Russia elects its president by direct popular vote and they keep their civilians very safe by video monitoring the ballot boxes to ensure none of that foreign interference that happens in America. Hillary would have been the new Putin.

  1. The People’s Republic of China 

The Chinese Communist Party selects primary delegates (Ever heard of a Super Delegate?) behind closed doors (I repeat: Super Delegate anyone?) and those individuals select the President. The party insiders pick their allies to choose their favorite as the winner and the rest of the election is just a formality and for lower offices. It’s Hillary Clinton’s perfect world. She would for sure be General Secretary (President) of China. 


  1. The People’s Republic of California 

California isn’t their own country yet but considering their penchant for illegal populations, violent riots against the government, state sponsored ghettos, cults, sewage in the streets and draconian class divides – its really only a matter of time before the Bolsheviks take over. The popular vote in America would be decided by these guys if we ever decided we didn’t like democracy and went to a popular vote so we know that Hillary would be their forever Comrade Prime. In fact her popular vote victory in 2016 was about the same number of people who voted for her in San Francisco which would be their new Capital of course renamed Safe Space so their population knows that freedom of speech is not welcome. Truly the People’s Republic of California will be Clinton’s greatest presidency.