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New Poll Reveals How Americans Really Feel About Covid-19 Hype



While the media continues with their non-stop coverage of Coronavirus case numbers and death toll reports, a new survey reveals something interesting about the Americans watching…

They ain’t buyin’ it.

A recent Axios survey conducted July 17-20 this year found that nearly one-third of adults in the United States do not believe the COVID-19 death toll is nearly as high as reported.

Apparently, a lot Americans are growing skeptical of the whole thing. 

But Republican voters are the *most* skeptical with 58 percent saying the death toll is “less” than reported, 25 percent saying it is “about the same,” and 16 percent saying it is “more.” 

As a comparison, a majority of Democrats, 61 percent, actually believe the death toll is *higher* than reported. 

Either way you cut it, both parties think the reports are fake news.

This growing skepticism seems to coincide with the release of more and more data that suggests a major error in reporting positive cases, like we recently reported was happening in Florida.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the United States has a reported 3,819,139 confirmed cases of the virus and 140,630 related deaths.