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NYC Mayor Has A New Gun Control Plan That is Sure To Fail



Failing Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio is taking a break from insulting and defunding the police to focus on another bad idea: taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

After a recent surge in violent crime in the area, the Mayor announced his “End Gun Violence Plan.”

And it’s full of tried and tested bad ideas that are never going to work.

Perhaps the most obvious future failure is his gun buyback program.

The mayor is planning tohost buyback events in several parts of the city where criminal gun crime is the highest. In exchange for turning in their firearms, citizens will receive a cash reward. No questions asked. 

As many 2nd amendment activists noted immediately, these events do not often lead to a reduction in crime rates because those turning in their firearms are likely the least likely to commit violent crimes with those firearms. 

The evidence for that is overwhelming.

As noted in this Truth About Guns article:

 “One study completed by SUNY New Buffalo State university analyzed the results of five separate buy-back programs between 2007-2012. Researcher Scott W. Phillips summed up the evidence, stating: “Does it [gun buy-backs] work? No…Should they keep doing it? I wouldn’t bother wasting their time.” 

Mayor de Blasio probably didn’t read that study before including the buy-backs in his proposal.

That’s not all. A National Institute of Justice memo released during the Obama Administration said the same thing, including that 82 percent of law enforcement professionals call buy-backs ineffective at reducing violent crime. Mayor de Blasio likely didn’t read that study either. One could easily conclude he isn’t serious about reducing gun crimes.” 

Like most of Mayor de Blasio’s “plans” this gun buyback is nothing more than political theater. 

If he wanted to reduce the crime rates, perhaps he would focus on real solutions.

Like refunding the police whose budget he slashed by $1.5 billion.

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