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Learn Why America’s Cancer Patients Are The Real Victims Of COVID-19



So you’ve probably heard about this story that recently went viral about a young reporter who found out she had cancer after a viewer noticed a suspicious lump on her neck during a broadcast.

The reporter, named Victoria Price, could’ve easily ignored the comment from the audience. Sometimes there are too many or they’re mean and you gotta. But something compelled her to go to the doctor.

Turns out, the lump spotted was cancer! And it was a viral story in the making when Victoria announced it on Instagram. 

The media loved this and basically everyone ran with it.

But here’s the thing: they’re not reporting the whole truth about her story. 

In her announcement, Victoria admitted she has not yet been able to have surgery for her thyroid cancer which is NOTABLY SPREADING. 

The reason?


It’s right there in her Instagram post for everyone to read! But collectively, journalism neglected this tidbit. 

(I’ll link five stories below that “missed” it.)

Now, I get it – this virus has a lot of people and health officials concerned…

But can we just be honest? 

This shit is ridiculous.

Now, in America, if you have cancer – even thyroid cancer like this woman, which spreads very quickly and becomes difficult to treat at stage 4 – you cannot receive treatment.


It is such a ridiculous thing that OF COURSE the fake news won’t include it in their reports. 

It’s so transparently anti-truth that it enrages me, honestly.

This woman is most likely not a conservative, COVID truther. She’s probably not a Trump supporter or a Fauci critic. 

She’s a cancer patient.

And yet, the media refuses to report that her treatment is put on hold because of a hypothetical circumstance that may require the use of every single hospital bed in the country – despite the fact that even with our highest levels of infection rates, we did not come close to overwhelming our hospitals.

I’ve spoken about this a lot. Sometimes rather ineloquently. But the same thing has happened to my mother.

In the midst of this COVID drama, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. 

I can spare most of the details – but it is aggressive and node positive. People with this type of cancer survive at rates of 70 percent in her age group with aggressive treatment and we are hopeful for full recovery by the end of this year.

But she’s been waiting for a medically necessary mastectomy since March.

Mastectomies were deemed “elective” under the overly aggressive executive orders issued by so many of our governors. The same overreach that shut down our businesses shut down the rights of many Americans to receive medical treatment for anything that wasn’t COVID-19.

Arbitrary mandates ended clinical trials, delayed test results, and postponed necessary treatments of illnesses far more deadly than the Chinese virus.

And the media wants you to believe people are angry about not getting haircuts! 

Every time I speak out about this, I learn of more cancer patients who have faced the same obstacles.

Had the mainstream media reported of Victoria’s comments that COVID complicated her treatment process, they probably would’ve been overwhelmed by similar stories.

Maybe that’s why they didn’t report it. 

But it’s why we WILL. 

This is the kind of madness you’d expect from a lesser country.

We should not allow our cancer patients to become the victims of COVID-19 and the media should be ashamed of themselves for covering up this ongoing tragedy.

Here’s 5 examples of publications totally sucking, but believe me, there are more: