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5 Line Items Liberals Don’t Want You To See In Their Massive Spending Bill



You will have heard the left publicly lamenting our nation’s men and women in blue for the last few weeks. Instead of bringing up issues like overreach, no-knock warrants and other reasonable reforms, the left makes their hatred of police as personal as possible and has specifically called for “defunding” law enforcement.

But while they publicly insult local police forces on the ground in your communities – they throw millions of dollars at federal law enforcement agencies – some of which – with an actual history of corruption – unlike most of your neighbors serving on community police forces. The only law enforcement they managed to cut in this year’s spending proposal was border security which we desperately need.

Pointing out the hysterical left’s massive hypocrisy is not my way of agreeing that federal law enforcement is the enemy in a time of domestic terrorism from the bolshevik uprising we call the progresive left. Its just my way of calling them out as liars throwing out dog whistles with no actual beliefs whatsoever.

Here’s the million$ of ways the left loves federal cops according to Nancy Pelosi’s spending bill being considered in the House this week: 

  1. $664 million for U.S. Marshals service 

Heard of the federal forces rounding up terrorists in Portland? Heard how much the left hates them? Well the people responsible are the U.S. Marshals who protect federal court houses. Nancy Pelosi just increased their budget by $25 million this year which is weird cause she called them “stormtroopers” earlier this week. Maybe she admits she prefers the dark side? 

  1. About $58 billion for the National Guard

Remember how vilified the National Guard has been from the likes of senior liberal tyrant, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and her best friends on the left? Remember how she and the Pelosi zombie army accused the National Guard of inciting violence across the nation? Well Congressional democrats just increased their budget by about $750 million which is 1,200 additional troops. Weird is weird since they all cheered when Mayor Bowser kicked them out of D.C. hotels.

  1. $400 million for new policing programs

A very weird way to “defund” the police is adding more funding to police forces. Of the $400 million for “reforming” police only $25 million goes to the “community resolution” forces the left seems so fond of. Twice that much goes to police training. Either way leave it to the left to “defund” something by actually funding it more.

  1. $9.7 billion for the FBI

The FBI is the single most corrupt agency in the federal government and has been since its inception. While individual agents might mean well, the FBI has been weaponized against political opponents since J. Edgar Hoover and never have stopped. If any law enforcement deserves serious scrutiny for total defunding – its the agency which promoted, protected, and paid for Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and the king corruptor himself, James Comey. And yet the left threw an additional $235 million dollars to them for 2021 so they can continue to cover up pedophilia and neglect to investigate sexual assault charges at the U.S. olumpic level. Nowhere close to a defund.

  1. $1.55 billion for ATF

The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms aka the crack team behind project Fast and Furious seems to not count as “law enforcement” to House democrats when they shout about defunding. Nancy Pelosi and her spending robot army increased their budget by $150 million this year.

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