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8 Reasons AOC is Exactly What She Says Ted Yoho Called Her



Alexandria Occasio Cortez is a hug b word. As in bully. AOC (as she is infamously known) has built her career on divisive tactics bent on hellish and dramatic accusations of all fellow politicians; both political opponents and supposed allies. She has never held back or showed an ounce of respect for her fellow man and she has done so all in writing and for the public record. 

But I guess AOC can dish it out but she just cant take it. When she claimed that her colleague Rep. Ted Yoho from Florida called her the other b word in response to her abhorrent comments about his home state including endorsing shoplifting and looting, she cried a million rivers saying she has “never” been in a confrontation like that in her life. I guess she likes to stick to CYBER bullying. Rep. Yoho apologized if he seemed abrasive, but denies he ever called her the b word. Regardless the shoe fits. 

Here are 10 examples of AOC being exactly the b word that Ted Yoho may or may not have called her (plus b for bully): 

  1. She called all Trumps corrupt
  1. She called Dana Loesch a liar and for no reason at all totally out of context called the NRA liars (while also wrong) 
  1. She accused republicans of not understanding the connection from poverty to crime (a conservative principle) and suggested republicans do not understand what its like to be in poverty
  1. She called the GOP all racists because they don’t support DC statehood (an unrelated issue dating back to the founding fathers) 
  1. Celebrated a protest prank to defraud the President’s political rallies and suppress free speech while also calling him a White Supremacist
  1. She celebrated hundreds of lost jobs from oil prices dropping and then deleted the tweet pretending she didn’t
  1. She pretended people told her to “go back to waitressing” as if waitressing was bad (fake) but she herself diminished service work and brags about being a “boss” 
  1. She is a rampant anti-semitist

In an interview on PBS, AOC called Israel’s buildings in the West Bank of their holy land which they are entitled to due to reparations after the holocaust an “occupation” of Palestine. She defended Palestine – a nation which prohibits the sale of property to jews – in the same interview. 

She also delegitimized the Nazi murder and oppression of millions of jews by comparing climate change to the human crisis occurring in Nazi germany in World War II. She said they were the same in the exact same in a speech in 2018.

She also says she is best friends with a woman who supports financial sanctions and the BDS movement on Israel, has been denounced by the anti-defamation league for her comments on israel, called Israel and “evil doer,” and repeatedly perpetuates the stereotype of jewish people being obsessed with money. 

Sounds pretty B-word to me.

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