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Is She Serious? Hillary Clinton Has Advice For President Trump



The humiliation she faced in 2016 hasn’t discouraged Hillary Clinton from voicing her unwanted opinion.

Not even a little bit.

The failed presidential candidate took the chance to sit down with MSNBC and discuss her disappointment with the president’s recent executive order to provide relief to struggling families.

She was – somehow unironically – disappointed in the president’s abuse of power. Does the delusion ever end with this one?

She explained that the move was “most likely, as even Republican senators have said, unconstitutional, bypassing Congress, trying to spend money, he has no authority to direct.”

Of course, she was always in favor of Executive Orders in the past.

But Hillary didn’t stop there. She went on to distort the entire intention of the president’s actions.

She told fake news “I think there was something else very significant in what Trump did the other day. Basically, he signaled that he is going after Social Security and Medicare. I don’t know if he understood that.”

She continued, “you never know what he knows and doesn’t know about how the government operates. But basically, he was talking about ending the financial contributions we all make into Social Security and Medicare through the payroll tax.”

Stretching the truth much?

Without stopping to realize the irony, she even went as far as commenting on President Trump’s chances of winning the next election. She said Donald Trump “sent a signal to voters that, you know, if you were unfortunately unlucky enough to have him be president again, you can watch what he is going to do to social security and medicare.”

Guess the voters will have to show Hillary how it really is in November.

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