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Did Donald Trump Just Give Us Peace In The Middle East?



President Trump and UAE leader Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan 

President Trump is one of the greatest peacemakers in the world and rivals President Reagan for our greatest President of peace in US history. 

Earlier in his first term, President Trump brokered the first meeting between a Korean President and North Korean ~leader~ in history. It was his negotiations that resulted in the photograph of Kim Jung Un and Moon Jae-In smiling and shaking hands over a brokered “time of no war” agreement between the two nations. The left refused to award President Trump with the Nobel Peace prize which is rightly deserved for his unquestionable role in this meeting and ceasefire which prevented a blooming World War from coming to fruition. 

Kim Jung Un of North Korea and Moon Jae-In of Korea

Now he’s upped the ante. In the middle of what pop culture is referring to as “the worst year ever #2020” and a ~global pandemic~ President Trump has managed to broker a peace deal between the UAE and Israel which includes an end to the hotly contested development of property in territory the area known as Palestine believes should be left to their people (this is known as “annexation” by the left and most media for context). 

The deal includes 30% of West Bank land belonging to Israel including all of the Jordinain valley. The rest would go to Palestine if it ever became a real nation. Additionally the US has agreed to $50 billion in humanitarian aid to the people living in the region known as Palestine if they meet pre-conditions which include total demilitarization, and total end of financial and political ties to terrorism. 

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu (BiBi) and President Trump

The propped up pseudo-government of the region known as Palestine is not happy with the deal as they do not wish to end ties with terrorists or demilitarize. If they choose to cling to their weapons and their racist war of succession from Israel then they choose a world with no peace. Unfortunately for the region known as Palestine and their pseudo-government – they don’t actually have any finances like a real nation with actual legitimacy would have. They’re a lot like CHAZ in that way. So it will be left to their sugar-daddy parent state the UAE to keep up their end of the bargain and convince the people of Palestine of the deal in order to keep peace with Israel and in turn with Israel’s greatest ally, President Trump’s United States.

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