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Herman Cain Died On July 30th, But He Just Tweeted THIS



I had the personal pleasure of meeting Herman Cain when he was running for President in what seems like a million years ago. I met him at a Cabela’s at a campaign rally I helped organize as a volunteer for my local Republican party. In a conference room just inside the guns and ammo section of the store (naturally) – I had the chance to hear Mr. Cain’s booming and comforting voice espousing wisdom and conviction to a small but intelligent crowd. Herman maybe never had a chance at the Presidency, but he was a significant voice of the conservative movement and he was ahead of his time on many concepts President Trump uses in his administration. I actually don’t know if he is truly a tall man – but I’ll always remember him as tall.

And death couldn’t stop him if it tried. Herman Cain passed away on July 30th of 2020 but he seemingly tweeted a Trump campaign video condemning the Biden/Harris ticket just days ago. Of course – the Herman Cain angel tweets are actually being handled by his friends and family who have now changed the account name to “The Cain Gang” to clear up any confusion. 

The left has absolutely no sense of humor and hates The Cain Gang. One lefty twitter user (that no one cares about) said he thought their actions were “deplorable.” Hillary scrabble word alert! Leave it to some random progressive twitter troll to think he knows better than Herman Cain’s own family what Herman Cain would want with his twitter presence. 

Low energy progressive Twitter egg featuring mask doesn’t like fun

The Cain Gang has said that they wanted to carry on Herman’s tremendous legacy and that he would have wanted his ideals and platform to continue long past his passing. 

Follow The Cain Gang and get inon all of Herman’s dearly departed takes on the 2020 election!

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