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Donald Trump Jr Destroys ‘Moderate’ Joe Biden, Issues A Warning To Every Voter



President Trump’s son laid a visit to Glenn Beck on Thursday to weigh in on the disastrous Democrat attempt at a virtual convention.

Donald Trump Jr. seemed about as pleased with the “hateful drivel” as the rest of the DNC’s almost non-existent audience.

He told Beck  “I’ve been trying to watch it but it’s not easy to get through it. It’s painfully boring.” 

Couldn’t agree more.

Trump Jr. continued to talk about the convention, saying “You’re seeing, you know, hateful drivel, long boring speeches, and hypocrisy that knows no bounds. Bill Clinton talking about the sanctity of the Oval Office, and Obama talking about [politicians] enriching themselves from public office. I mean, Obama went in as the community organizer, and now he is buying a $20 million home in Martha’s Vineyard. Please, spare me, spare me the nonsense.”

He went on to stress that the whole Dem shtick is a big misleading lie. 

“The media can push Joe Biden as the moderate: ‘Look, it’s moderate Joe from Scranton.’ But they don’t talk about the fact that he left Scranton at seven. They don’t talk about the fact that he was an elected Washington, D.C., official since his 20s and has done nothing else. He’s not ‘Blue-collar Joe,’ but they will try to sell that image to the American people,” he said.

Trump Jr. did not hold back, and his words should serve as a huge warning to a voting block who may not have picked their candidate yet.

He reminded undecideds that “Kamala Harris has the most liberal voting record in the Senate… you have Biden-Bernie Sanders unity platform on Joe Biden’s website.”

He said, once again speaking of Biden: “you’re not a moderate.”

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