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CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Trump Supporters ‘Cultists,’ Says They Need To Be ‘Deprogrammed’



The dumbest man on television, CNN anchor Don Lemon, seems to be in constant competition with himself to make the most offensive, stupid comments on air.

He’s insulted Trump, Jesus, the founding fathers…

Now he’s insulting Trump supporters. In a recent appearance with fellow CNN jerk, Chris Cuomo, Lemmon called supporters of the president “cultists” and sugggested they need to be “deprogrammed” before voting.

In a tone that suggested he was way too pleased with himself, Lemon said “if I had a real friend, who was involved in a cult, which I feel it is cultish behavior, I must try to help them. And you can only go so far until you say, until you reach bottom, I cannot deal with it. It’s like an addiction. Until you reach bottom and you want help, I can’t deal with it.”

He suggested they needed intervention of some sort, continuing: “[Trump] lies to people and they believe it,” he said. “And so, what is that? Cultish behavior. And I think a lot of people need to be deprogrammed, right now, before they cast their next ballots.”

This is only the latest ridiculous remark made by a truly, truly, stupid person.

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