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Here’s Why These ‘Republicans For Biden’ Are Actually Helping President Trump



A bunch of sell-out RINOs made headlines last week when they lent their useless voices to the Democrats at the DNC.

The media has been salivating over every “Republican for Biden” headline, desperately seeking a narrative that turns the Republican base against President Trump.

Here’s the thing, though, these efforts aren’t hurting Trump – they’re helping! With every news alert of a straying GOP Politico, REAL Republicans rally behind President Trump. 

And the reason why is pretty simple… 

Literally every low energy cuck who sold out their party for five mins of fame at that embarrassing train wreck of a convention is the *literal* worst. They’re not winning over voters on either side – and most of them have a long track record to prove they never actually will. 

Let’s just go down the lineup of these losers. In  no particular order, we’ve got: 

Colin Powell

What Colin Powell Knows About Winning | by Eric Feng | Marker

Father (or at least Uncle) of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Colin Powell, says he backs Biden cause Biden “trusts the intelligence community.” Let us all remember Powell was BFFs with that Intel community who fed false information to Congress to encourage the war in Iraq – which is still going on 17 years later.

President Trump is on record of opposing the Iraq war, even in 2003 when Powell worked so hard to start it! It’s no wonder they’ve got bad blood.

On top of that, Powell hasn’t endorsed a GOP candidate in at least 15 years. We can stop pretending he’s a Republican. 

John Kasich

Will the GOP listen to John Kasich? | the way of improvement leads ...

This sad son-of-a-mailman would have no claim to fame if not for being everyone’s least favorite person. (You’re number 1!)

Kasich is king of sexist remarks, an advocate of extreme religious authority, and he’s anti-gay marriage (still). He’s the perfect example of the political ruling class that anyone with a half a brain was eager to abandon in 2016. 

But hey, if that’s the guy the Dems want speaking, GO FOR IT! Republicans couldn’t be happier to have this annoying bigot on the side of anti-Freedom Democrats. 

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina's disastrous record as HP's CEO | Fortune

Carly Fiorina is a sellout and a liar and she’s hellbent on making that more clear than ever. 

It seems her bruised ego coming off of her failed run for President AND Vice President in 2016 left her desperate for affection from the left. Even if that affection comes at the price of supporting a candidate who is endorsed by Carly’s number one foe: Planned Parenthood.

Imagine being such a sore loser that you’d be willing to sacrifice millions of babies to comfort yourself. That’s Carly!


Christine Todd Whitman

Let’s be honest – I don’t know who this is and neither do you.

Susan Molinari

Not a clue who this is, either. “Prominent Republican,” my ass. Irrelevant as they come.

Meg Whitman

How Meg Whitman Re-Emerged as Uber CEO Favorite — The Information

A decade ago, Meg Whitman ran a failed campaign in California where she was absolutely trashed by the left. They called her racist and stupid, among other sexist but typical-of-the-left remarks. 

Following her defeat she immediately faded into obscurity. 

Meg was so happy to have someone put a mic in front of her face again we can’t even be sure she checked who she would be addressing. Sad!

Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake Inspires Fresh New Hatred by Blocking Judicial ...

Never has someone been as appropriately named as Jeff Flake, the actual Flake. When he’s not begging for a job at CNN he is stepping down from his actual job because he’s so unpopular he can’t possibly win. 

Jeff didn’t actually get a chance to speak at the DNC because no one – not even out of touch Democrats who invited two speakers I don’t even know – knows or cares who the F Jeff Flake is. 

When he finally stopped crying over not receiving an invite to Joe Biden’s virtual disaster, he wrote a bunch of whiney op-eds that can be summarized briefly: “I’m a loser who always loses and I can’t get over how bad I lose always.”

Honestly, what a crowd.

Look forward to counting all absolutely zero votes these morons bring in for the left. 

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