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‘Republicans For Biden’ Should Be Concerning For Democrats, Here’s Why



When a bunch of low-energy RINOs endorsed Joe Biden for president, Republicans rolled their eyes. Most of these career politicians were anti-Trump in 2016 and won’t have much 2020 impact for Republicans, anyway.

But Democrats are starting to express concern for the influence of these former GOP establishment hacks. 

David Sessions made the point first on Twitter, saying “basically nobody in liberal circles is taking seriously the consequences of the fact that the exiled cadre of the Republican Party are building a massive power base in the Democratic Party.”


And he’s right!

Bill Kristol endorsing the Democrat candidate should have been a tell.

I can remember when democrats protested against the Bush foreign policy. 

I can remember when Obama ran as a candidate of peace.

Now the establishment Republican war hawks are the NeverTrumpers, joining the Dems.

The Neoconservatives have infiltrated the Democrat party, and the Democrat party now supports Bush foreign policy circa 2003.

Democrats are too busy manufacturing hoaxes against Trump to do anything about it.

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