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Here’s The Proof That Liberals Absolutely Refuse To Face The Truth About Jeffrey Epstein



Until recently I was not aware that the main stream media and liberals (oxymoron) flat out deny the existence of the child and human trafficking ring formerly run by Jeffrey Epstein and propped up by the federal government, the government of Great Britain, ivy league Academia, Hollywood, Wall Street and big tech.

Lets be clear: it is definitely real. Multiple victims have testified in federal court and given specific details and named very specific names to their abuse. They named additional names including President Bill Clinton as actors but not abusers in their case. These are the names of the abusers: hotel owner Stephen Kaufman; Prince Andrew of England; Senator George Mitchell (D-ME); Clinton cabinet member and former democrat Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson; Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, MIT professor Marvin Minsky; and top democrat donor Glenn Dubin.

Some of the names provided by these victims remain classified which is an unusual practice suggesting even higher level officials have been named on this list. Do a Google search for Stephen Kaufman to learn more about him. Can’t find him? Right me either. The elite on this list and likely the elite not yet named have colluded with big tech like Google to make sure these names do not appear in easy searches. You’ll have to add several keywords to find anything and even then good luck.

Despite all of this and heavy mainstream media reporting on in in 2018 when they thought it was something to use against President Trump (since that time it has come out that President Trump was the only witness to cooperate with the victims lawyers and to give a statement to help them and when specifically questioned on President Trump all victims exonerated him from any wrongdoing or association with the young girls and women being abused) – now the left is calling this very real crime against women a “far right wing conspiracy.” 

[A quick google search reveals the lefts widespread conspiracy theory  that the Epstein sex trafficking ring is a conspiracy]

Over the last month, the New York Times, USA Today, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Politifact, Upworthy, the Daily Beast, and more have all reported on the “crazy conspiracy” of an elite pedophile ring made up by far right “crazies” with an agenda. These reports intentionally focus on areas of the “conspiracy” that have so far been untrue or confused like the involvement of particular celebrities. 

The articles intentionally fail to draw the absolutely glaring connection between these slightly incorrect “conspiracies” and the actually true reality of the Epstein child trafficking ring. For example: Where Chrissy Teigan may have not appeared on a flight log and was not named, Naomi Cambell and other celebrities definitely were. Kevin Spacey was featured on the flight logs and has since been openly accused by his colleagues of assault and harassment in other circumstances. 

Though some of the names mentioned on Reddit were not the names of the global elite who were involved – the global elite was DEFINITELY involved. 

[Epstein’s british socialite bestie Ghislane Maxwell and Kevin Spacey]

In fact- the origins of the “conspiracy theory” were known as “pizzagate” and centered around John Podesta’s emails. Podesta was a top aid for Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton was absolutely on a private jet with Epstein and a woman who was raped  by Jeffrey Epstein (at least) in 2002. Flight logs obtained by various outlets put Clinton on Epstein’s private plane at least 5 times but some records show up to 26 times. Victims of Epstein’s trafficking ring testified in federal court that Bill Clinton was with two young girls on Epstein’s island. 

The Epstein private jet  that Bill Clinton frequented was referred to as the “Lolita Express” by locals and ground crew in Little St. James and they called his island the “Island of SIn” or “Pedophile Island.” 

So maybe it wasn’t Hillary but it was a Clinton. Is that really so “crazy” and far off? 

These outlets have the audacity to criticize conservatives for having a problem with “Cuties” (the new Netflix show which some have said glorifies pedophilia by showing young girls in too sexualized a light) because they say conservatives are just still so obsessed with a “fake conspiracy” about a pedophilia ring. Maybe conservatives just really don’t like to see little girls sexualized and have had their eyes opened by the recent revelation that these horrors are taking place by people we trust the most.

It is truly mind blowing that the left actually, after all the evidence presented in federal court and after all they did in 2018 to report on this evidence, believes that a child trafficking ring run by the global elite is a fake thing simply because a pizza shop was not directly involved.

At this point to not believe in this trafficking ring is far more a conspiracy theory than to obviously believe in its clearly documented existence.

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