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Are ANTIFA Arsonists Responsible For The Fires Destroying The West?



[Caption: Jeffrey Accord at a BLM march he allegedly helped lead who is charged with arson for intentionally lighting brush fires in Washington]

The western United States has been ravaged by fire for the last few weeks. It is a recurring tragedy that could be prevented by better care for State and Federally owned public lands between communities. Clearing underbrush and maintencing trees and grass cannot only be done as “barrier” treatment at the edges of communities – it must be practiced throughout forests and wildlands. Once a fire is fueled – it is difficult to stop with barriers. Fuel must be tackled at the site. 

These fires have been categorized as “wildfires” by many but evidence is mounting that many of the fires were started intentionally by arsonists. There have been a lot stories circulating that these fires have been started by left wing organizations like Antifa (and to be clear: we aren’t talking about the fires that left wing groups absolutely started when they burned down cities while rioting – we are talking about the recent brush fires). While there is not evidence connecting the shadow group known as Antifa there are definitely arsonists and some of them are connected to left wing movements.

In Ashland Oregon where a fire killed two and burned down hundreds of homes, a man named Michael Jarred Bakkela is in custody for intentionally setting the fires. 

Also in Oregon (Eugene) Elias Newton Pendergrass has been charged with intentionally setting fires. 

[Caption: Anita Esquivel]

In California a woman named Anita Esquivel is in custody for intentionally setting fires in Monterey County.

Where the above arsonists do not have clear or proven ties to leftists groups – one arsonist actually filmed himself lighting the fires and is an open BLM activist and supporter. 

Jeffrey Accord of Puyallup, Washington was charged with intentionally setting brush fires in the area. Accord led a BLM march in Seattle in June and previously was caught with a cache of weapons which he brought to a BLM Ferguson march in 2014. Accord is accused of starting two other Washington fires and responsible for about 800 acres of damage including homes.

There are about half a dozen other charged or suspected arsonists up and down the west coast where the fires continue to rage on. Meanwhile the mainstream media is pretending that the accusation of leftist arsonists are a “hoax.” 

In fact- Politifact ranked the rumor as “false.” The leftist “fact checking” sites like Snopes and Politifact make sure and rank only incredibly specific rumors so they can “debunk” them while the truth is covered up through their debunk. For example -in this case they only fact checked whether or not “Antifa” specifically was involved in the fires. They did not check on BLM or any other lefist or progressive group. They do this to hide a lie inside of the truth. 

In fact a proven and previously charged BLM agitator absolutely contributed to the brush fires in Washington state. The rest of the arsonists’ motivations and associations will have to be investigated and proven with time.

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