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Here’s a Question For Those Questioning Mitch McConnell Now



It is so funny to see people come out so strongly supporting Mitch McConnell’s 2016 position.

From former President Barack Obama to my annoying cousin who lives in California, liberals are taking the side of 2016 Mitch who demanded the American people vote for President before he had his Senate vote for a new Supreme Court nominee.

Remember this? Democrats are positing it everywhere now:


Okay, so we have this statement.

Now, I want to ask these self-righteous individuals posting it: what were your opinions at the time, in 2016?

Did you agree with McConnell, or did you see it as a naked abuse of power to not allow a vote on Obama nominees?

Did you agree with Cocaine Mitch or did you want Obama to have his nominees voted on?

I get that they’re gonna be mad at ol Mitch for his inconsistencies, but what about your own? Is your position the same philosophically, or based on what is politically convenient/expedient?

Why don’t you strive to be better than these politicians you despise?

Just asking… for a friend.