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BREAKING: Big Decision Made In The Breonna Taylor Case



In recent months, Breonna Taylor has made headlines worldwide.

The 26-year-old black woman was sadly killed by when she was shot by three Louiville Metro Police officers executing a no-knock warrant targeting her boyfriend.

She has become somewhat of a martyr to the Black Lives Matter movement – though her case has inspired many conservatives, including Senator Rand Paul, to speak out about the abuses of no-knock warrants and their deadly consequences.

None of the officers involved in Breonna’s murder were arrested. Until today.

Republican Attorney General of Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, announced that the grand jury voted to return an indictment for three felony counts of wanton endangerment against one of the officers: Louisville detective Brett Hankison. The Attorney General said he believed it was his job “to put emotions aside and investigate the facts.” And that’s what he did.

If convicted, Hankison “can serve up to five years for each count.”

Cameron noted that his “office is prepared to prove these charges at trial, but stressed that “it’s important to note he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

The Attorney General also announced that the other two officers involved, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly, were “justified in their use of force,” and would not face charges.

Cameron said their actions the night Taylor died were justified because Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, fired first.

Louisville Metro Police have prepared for rioting in response to the decision. They even declared a State of Emergency in preparation.

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