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President Trump Names A Supreme Court Nominee And You Won’t Believe What The Left Is Saying About Her



Late last night, news broke that President Donald Trump would officially name Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his next nominee to the Supreme Court.

Barrett is a former law clerk to the great Justice Antonin Scalia and a professor at Norte Dame, who currently serves as a Trump appointed judge on the Seventh Circuit court. 

There’s no doubt that her record is impressive…

So it should be surprising that the so-called feminists of the left have jumped at the chance to criticize Barrett on everything from her judicial record to her personal life, even criticizing her adoption of two black children from Haiti!

Here are just a few of the craziest attacks I saw on Twitter this morning.

It’s obvious to anyone that Barrett TERRIFIES liberal extremists.

They hate that she’s conservative. They hate that she’s successful. They hate that she’s a mom. 

But most of all, they hate that she threatens their legacy. 

Her confirmation would tilt the balance of power on the court back to the right for the first time in decades. Those who favor unconstitutional policies now live in fear that their agenda will be compromised for generations to come.

Thank 👏 God. 👏 

With any luck, Amy will make it through the brutal confirmation process-and quickly! Let’s #filltheseat!

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