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BREAKING: California Has Gone Crazy! Governor Newsom signs law allowing transgender men to be placed in women’s prisons



While large portions of California are literally burning to the ground, Governor Gavin Newsom is making big moves…

On totally unrelated issues that won’t help Californians at all.

Today, the governor signed into law a bill that allows transgender inmates to be placed in prisons based on their gender identity.

The law requires officers to ask incoming inmates – in private – if they identify as transgender, nonbinary, intersex, or… idk… apache helicopter? It also puts the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) under strict order to house inmates based on “their gender identity rather than their sex assigned at birth.”

The bill allows for exceptions ONLY if the state has “management or security concerns” with individual transgendered inmates.

If there is an issue with an individual inmate, the bill demands a written statement explaining the decision so that they may appeal their placement.

In a statement, Newsome said “California has some of the strongest pro LGBTQ+ laws in the nation and with the bills signed today, our march toward equality takes an additional step forward.”

“These new laws will help us better understand the impacts of COVID-19 on the LGBTQ+ community, establish a new fund to support our transgender sisters and brothers and advance inclusive and culturally competent efforts that uphold the dignity of all Californians, regardless of who you are or who you love.”

Still no word on how Gavin plans to address the land mismanagent that has led to huge, out-of-control fires that threaten the lives and properties of Northern Californians as we speak.

Glad he’s prioritizing.

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