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Biden Campaign Calls It Quits Before 10AM, Again! Reporters wondering: what’s wrong with Joe?



For weeks, President Trump has been highlighting Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s schedule.

While the president hosts 2+ events per day, Biden barely holds 1!

He spent almost half of September at home, probably in the basement, hiding from the campaign trail.

And today, he’s doing it again!

At 9:52 a.m. the Biden campaign announced that the former Vice President would not be making any public appearances for the day. The 4th time they’ve called a “lid” before 10am in the last week. 

The lack of energy displayed by the Biden camp has people concerned with how the debate will go on Tuesday.

But more importantly, it has many wondering whether or not Sleepy Joe could take on the tough schedule of the White House, when he can’t even keep up on the campaign trail.

For the record: President Trump has been maintaining both schedules – without a nap!