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Joe Biden Calls Another Lid And The Reason Why Is Extremely Concerning



Just over two weeks till Election Day and Joe Biden is…

Taking another break!

For the whole week.

This time, he’s claiming he needs three days to prep for the debate.

But many, including President Trump, suspect the real reason for the latest “lid” is the scandal rocking his campaign. Biden and his team are running back to the basement to avoid any questions from the press about Hunter and Joe’s fun with Ukraine and China.

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop is still making headlines even as the Democrats try desperately to silence all reports of the salacious emails and revealing pictures.

And frankly, avoiding the scandal is the best case scenario excuse for Biden.

If he was *actually* avoiding the press this whole week because he needs time to “debate prep,” he’s just admitting he does not have what it takes to be president. 

If elected, there’s not even the slightest chance Biden would be give 3 days to prep for confrontation with anyone – especially not America’s enemies.

That’s something President Trump is sure to point out at the debate on Thursday in Nashville.

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