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Senate Republicans Finally Step Up To Take On Big Tech, Hear Their Plans



Senator Lindsey Graham has announced he will be issuing a subpoena along with the Senate Judiciary committee (which he Chairs) for Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey as well as Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg in the wake allegations of political bias against conservatives in censorship policies. 

Recently Twitter and Facebook (as well as others such as YouTube) have censored any information relating to the leaked emails from Hunter Biden essentially proving his corrupt involvement with the Ukranian firm, Burisma Holdings. It was this corruption that President Trump had rightly asked the Ukranian government to investigate on the single phone call on which the democrats based their entire impeachment proceeding. 

Proof of the existence of Hunter and Joe Biden’s mutual corruption in this matter is extremely important to the credibility of those impeachment proceedings as well as the integrity of the American election system as a whole. The emails in question are a matter of national relevance and any release of those emails are certainly tantamount to whistle-blowing. 

However, Twitter and Facebook (as well as major media outlets like the Washington Post) have recently put out new censorship policies which claim that they will not allow any posting of information which “may have been illegally obtained” and through this completely fake policy they have censored all posting and discussion of Hunter Biden’s apparent crimes including from “blue check mark” verified sources like the New York Post (who broke the story – read here) and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

These policies didn’t seem to exist when President Trump’s tax returns were illegally obtained and published. 

The social media giants have presented a clear political bias on censoring conservative voices from shadow banning to blocking posts for many years and the issue of Hunter Biden’s emails is the straw that finally broke the camel’s back. 

Twitter and Facebook are privately held companies that should be able to implement any policies they deem appropriate for their business. However- they should not be allowed to call themselves purveyors of truth while holding a monopoly on online rapid communication to then flagrantly targeting conservative voices and trample on the principles of the first amendment. 

The Senate will vote to take on Twitter and Facebook by the end of the week. We will be watching to see what the tech elite have to say for themselves. 

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