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BREAKING: Trump’s Department of Justice Takes Action To End Google Censorship



For years, Google has dominated the market as the default search engine for most browsers and mobile devices.

And for years, they’ve used that domination to unfairly favor content and censor conservatives.

Now, the Department of Justice is taking action.

In a suit filed in the D.C. Circuit Court, the Department of Justice alleges that Google’s conduct is “illegal under traditional antitrust principles and must be stopped.”

They take particular issue with the tech giant locking in various contracts that demand their search engine is the default in browsers and on mobile devices, including Apple iPhones and Google’s own Android operating system.

According to Axios “the suit doesn’t try to make the case that Google has engaged in anti-competitive behavior in the broader online advertising and advertising technology markets. Tech critics including some high-profile progressives have argued that Google is also breaking antitrust laws in those sectors” and “DOJ may sue Google on other aspects of its business and said their ongoing review of the tech industry continues.”

This suit is a long-awaited one and will be momumental in deciding the future of the increasingly large tech monopolies dominating the market.

And allies on all sides are coming out in support of the lawsuit as both liberals and conservatives worry the tech giants have grown to powerful.

Conservatives are increasingly interested in this issue as online censorship continues to threaten our elections and silence conservative websites.

How The Myth Of Google Censorship Was Busted By The EU & Canada

Earlier this year, Google came under fire by conservative outlets when they attempted to block all ad purchases of right-wing publications ZeroHedge and the Federalist.

While it’s sure to be a long trial, it’s a good first step in the right direction.

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