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The Left Is So Deranged They’re Defending A Vile Act You Won’t Believe



The left will literally defend anything they do now in order to retain their delusion of moral superiority from the evil orange man in the sky. 

Chief legal analyst for CNN and staff writer for the New Yorker, liberal Jeffrey Tobin recently exposed himself on a work virtual conference call and began openly masturbating while his colleagues looked on in horror.

The call in and of itself was already incredibly odd – the team at the New Yorker was running a “simulation” of possible election outcomes where staff members were playing different groups of people and candidates (mmmmkay). 

During the call, Jeffrey inexplicably became aroused and in full view of the camera began to masturbate. Clearly – this is not only incredibly inappropriate but it was also sexual harassment by any definition of the term. 

Of course he should be fired and publicly shamed for what he did to his coworkers. But instead – the liberal media keeps reporting his ridiculous apology where he claims he thought his video and sound were off of his zoom call. First of all: Since most of us have participated in about 10,000 zoom calls by now, we all know how to mute and turn off the video. So its pretty hard to believe he really thought he’d switched off his camera.

Second – even if he had. Is it really okay that this incredibly creepy man was masturbating in secret to the sound of his coworkers in a planning meeting? I think not.

CNN has fired Toobin but the New Yorker – where this event occurred and where both men and women were exposed to a coworkers genitals against their will – is “investigating.” Random House has not responded to media inquiries or pulled his latest book from sale. 

On Twitter – the liberal mouth foamers are going so far as to defend Toobin. Here is a hot take from a senior contributor to the liberal media outlet, Vox: 

I guess I wouldn’t want to be in a Vox conference call. 

What Jeffrey Toobin did was vile and unforgivable. He should be swiftly fired and society should remove him from their list of credible individuals. 

Can you imagine what the left media’s reaction would have been had this occurred with a member of the conservative media?

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