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Trump Derangement Syndrome

Kamala Harris Reveals The 1st Thing She And Joe Would Do If They Win The White House And It Is Terrifying



President Donald Trump has said multiple times that Joe Biden may be the only politiican in history who has openly campaigned on raising your taxes.

And really – he was.

Until his running mate, Kamala Harris, started doing the same thing!

The Senator told a group of Hispanic Americans at a campaign stop in Texas this week that the “first order of business” for her and a hypothetical President Biden would be to get rid of President Trump’s tax cuts.

“I promise you this: As a first order of business, Joe Biden and I are about to work to get rid of that tax cut,” she told a crowd of cheering radicals.

The Trump tax cuts have helped millions of American families and allowed our economy to soar to new heights including record low unemployment rates for women, hispanics, and African Americans.

There’s no doubt a repeal would compromise all recovery efforts.

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