Pennsylvania Governor Bans Pre-Thanksgiving Drinks And The Reason Why Will Make You Laugh – Free Press Fail
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Pennsylvania Governor Bans Pre-Thanksgiving Drinks And The Reason Why Will Make You Laugh



I have no idea what actually happens in Pennsylvania before Thanksgiving, but the way Governor Wolf talks about it makes it sound pretty lit.


In his statement earlier this week, the tyrant governor of the Keystone state said “the biggest day for drinking is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.” 


Which sounds like fun.

But then he got kind of weird about it, hinting at what Pennsylvanians are you to AFTER their Wednesday night drinks.

“I don’t like addressing that anymore than anyone else does…” Wolf teased. “But it’s a fact, when people get together in that situation it leads to an increase in the exchange of the fluids that leads to increased infection.”

Um, what?

To confront this apparently adventurous activity, Wolf signed an executive order that bans the sale of alcohol starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve) and ending at 8 a.m. Thursday morning (Thanksgiving Day).


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  1. Ollie Octopus

    November 25, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    This octopus escaped the People’s Republic of Pennsylvania many years ago. Wolf is a joke and I hope citizens continue to rebel against his stupidly!

  2. BS Abel

    November 26, 2020 at 2:08 am

    As the college age crowd returns home for the holiday, Wednesday night is a traditional gathering/reunion event every year. A good time to meet up with friends without cutting into family time and other Thanksgiving Day traditions. Governor Wolf and his incompetent/embarrassing Health Secretary are taking a direct shot at the same voters they have courted so aggressively with empty promises like tuition forgiveness. These young voters are the least likely to be impacted by the virus according to Pennsylvania Senator Toomey who announced today that 2 out of 3 deaths in Pa. were residents of nursing homes or other adult special care facilities.
    Gov. Wolf’s Blond Embarrassment stated in a press release this week that “nothing we’ve tried has worked so far” so new measures are necessary. The measures that have not worked include; mask wearing in public, frequent hand washing while singing Happy Birthday twice (yes, he issued this directive on national TV), closing of all houses of worship, closing schools, alternating days at school, half days at school, canceling youth athletic and club activities, youth athletic activities but no parents present. Closing restaurants, eating only outside, eating in a tent, eating variously 10%, 25%, 50% inside the restaurant with everyone else in the tent, wearing a mask to enter the tent and then remove when sitting, no eating after 8pm, 9pm, 10pm., no one allowed to enter a nursing home to be with a parent or child or spouse and no one allowed to remove their loved one from said facility, unless you’re the Blond health secretary of Pa., then you can move your mother out of the nursing home and into a motel. While all the hotels were on lockdown. The incredible list of deception, lies and incompetence goes on and on.
    The new measures this week include border checkpoint/closures at the bridges between states, mask wearing inside your own home, canceling of all thanksgiving traditions outside those living in your immediate home, the aforementioned 5 pm Wednesday curfew, and a 14 day mandatory isolation if you sneak across the border and try to return home. All in addition to the above which admittedly has not worked.
    Meanwhile, the Governor of NJ has been caught dining out with his family in violation of his own absurd edicts, likewise the Gov. of California.
    Governor Cuomo was caught planning his own holiday with his mother and other family members contrary to his own advise for New Yorkers. What do these politicians know about the current health situation that they are not telling us? They are clearly not worried about getting their own families sick or worse.
    I hope the young people targeted by these power mad liberals recognize their freedom slipping away and vote next time to do something about it. No handout is worth what is being taken. This is only the beginning, the worst I suspect is yet to come.

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