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Donald Trump Jr Destroys Fake News CNN In One FIRE Tweet



James O’Keefe at Project Veritas absolutely destroyed CNN this week when he released secretly recorded tapes of their morning meeting phone calls.

The tapes reveal CNN strategies to promote Joe Biden, demonize President Trump, and dismiss any and all claims of voter fraud.

They’re brutal.

And CNN is not so happy that the people are hearing the truth behind their fake news operations.

On Tuesday, they tweeted at James to say “Legal experts say this may be a felony. We‘ve referred it to law enforcement.”

President Trump’s son Donald Jr had the absolute best clap back to their whining, saying “It’s amazing that CNN had no problem aggressively running with secretly recorded audio tapes of the First Lady non-stop for weeks, but has a serious problem when someone does the exact same thing to them!”

He added, “if it wasn’t for double standards, they would have no standards at all.”

There’s no doubt, he’s right!

CNN might be frustrated with the Project Veritas reports, but they have no leg to stand on when calling foul play after all their shenanigans these past four years.

And it’s even a WORSE look to start targeting reporters with legal action simply because you don’t like their story! 

But then again… the recordings ARE pretty bad. 

You can listen for yourself here:

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