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ALERT: House and Senate Republicans To Meet With Open Borders Lobby To Plan For 2021



Much of liberal Washington is already planning for a future Joe Biden administration and it seems establishment Republicans are eager to join them.

And, apparently, they’ve never heard a thing about the winning 2016 motto “build the wall!”

On Tuesday, six Senate and House Republicans announced they’d be meeting with a group of elected Democrats and advocates of amnesty, including the open borders lobby, to discuss “building bipartisanship on immigration reform.”

If history has taught us anything, it’s that “bipartisan” immigration reform always means “liberal” immigration reform: no border security and no law enforcement, but plenty of amnesty.

Senators Marco Rubio, Thom Tillis, Susan Collins and John Cornyn, along with Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart and Will Hurd are speaking on behalf of Republicans. They will be joined by Senators Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Robert Menendez, and Chris Coons.

The conversation will no doubt include plans to strike up the deal on amnesty for illegal aliens that Democrats have wanted since the last amnesty deal they got — something President Trump would NEVER have allowed.

The elected officials involved are not exactly what you’d call a dream team. 

On the Republican side, let’s talk about Little Marco Rubio. He’s been jumping at the chance to betray the tea party voters who brought him to power since… basically day one. He was a member of the failed gang of 8 and Marco might be the only one who does not know this meeting is probably a replay of that embarrassment. 

Then you’ve got Will Hurd on the House side. Will is from Texas and he actually chose to retire in 2020 because of the influx of (majority illegal) immigrants in his district. The congressman did not think a Republican could win again with the changing demographics of his area. As it turns out, he wasn’t correct about that and Republicans maintained the seat. But his defeatist attitude towards  is exactly why we don’t need him arguing on behalf of conservative principles on immigration! He wouldn’t even stand up for himself, you think he’s gonna stand up for you? Spoiler alert: probably not.

On the Democrat team, you’ve got Chuck Schumer – no comment necessary – and Bob Menendez, a rumored (but most certainly known) pedophile. Does anyone *really* want to hear from a predator about their support of open borders policies that empower sex traffickers and enable child abuse? HARD PASS ON THAT.

On top of the glaring failure or representation, let’s point out the obvious: the timing of this couldn’t be worse.

The United States is just starting to recover from the economic downturn brought on by destructive Coronavirus policies. You know what’s NOT A great way to recover from a self-imposed recession? Importing cheap labor that will take jobs from American blue collar workers and drive down the wages of those still employed! 

Maybe these amnesty blowhards really aren’t thinking of the actual consequences of their feel-good promises.

That’s really the problem. And it’s why we need Donald Trump to overcome this election fraud, WIN, and finally build that wall before these establishment Republicans have the chance to team up with Biden to destroy this country.

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