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BOMBSHELL: This Video Proves Massive Voter Fraud In Georgia, No Wonder The Fake News Is Ignoring It!



For weeks, we’ve watched as the Democrats in Washington and liberals in the media celebrated Joe Biden as President-Elect.

For weeks, the same people ignored every claim of voter fraud.

“This is the safest election in history.”

“No fraud exists!”

They denied foul-play at every attempt.

But now there’s video evidence of massive voter fraud in Georgia. The Trump legal team released a video that clearly shows briefcases of ballots that were hidden, hauled in, and counted after hours!

Just watch for yourself here:

Witnesses have testified – in sworn statements under threat of perjury – that supervisors had told all poll workers to leave the room. They told them that counting was done for the day! Those supervisors proceeded to pull ballots from under the table and count those ballots without supervsision.

How many of them went for Biden?

Probably 100%!

Liberals in the media have completely refused to air this footage, for obvious reasons.

No telling how long it will be before Twitter and Facebook scrub the evidence from the internet.