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The Mainstream Media Is Laughing In The Face Of Every American



Last night a federal judge heard from sworn witnesses that they either saw, were forced to commit or asked to commit voter fraud in the Michigan election. The testimony is shocking, and sworn to be truthful unlike the countless lies being told by lawmakers and the media. 

Instead of reporting what is being described in this courtroom, the mainstream media is making a mockery of journalism and our election system by not only celebrating their complicitness in rigging the 2020 Presidential Election but not even trying to pretend they provide anything other than propaganda for the hegemonic elite. 

In the wake of some of the most concerning testimony in recent American history, the media has chosen to take low blow irrelevant personal jabs at the Trump legal team or the witnesses themselves. 

Buzzfeed News – absolute bastions of objectivity and decorum – posted an article about how Mayor Guiliani may have passed gas during the hearing. Clearly, this information is the information their readers should know about to make objective judgements on the validity of the most important election in the world. 

The Washington Post along with the Daily Mail took to making fun of a witness, Melissa Carone, who testified that she saw ballots being scanned multiple times and ballots being improperly transported. These outlets called her unhinged and deemed her lacking in credibility. The blue check marks on Twitter “fact checked” her and that seemed to satisfy liberal lawmakers like Rep. Rashida Tlaib despite the real fact, as pointed out by Ms. Carone herself, that the witness signed a document subject to perjury and jail time that she is telling the truth. 

The blue check marks have signed nothing. They have no stake in the game. They weren’t there. 

Regardless this kind of mockery and distraction instead of truthful objective coverage of these proceedings might as well be spit directly in your eye. It is the media’s way of ensuring the public believes these fair judicial proceedings are lost in the public eye and that judges are influenced to rule in favor of the media’s interests. 

The media is mocking us and mocking this nation. You have no reason to trust them.

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