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BREAKING: Biden Family Scandal! New Bombshell Investigations The Media Can’t Cover Up



Just a few days ago, Hunter Biden released a statement admitting he was under federal investigation.

He claimed it was to do with “tax affairs,” and not his shady business deals in Ukraine or China, where he had clearly been selling his fathers influence for a fat check.

But as the news continued to break regarding the tax scandal, it was revealed – little by little – that the investigation extended far beyond a little tax mix up for Hunter. It’s several layers of fraud, potential treason, and it actually involves the whole Biden family. 

And of course, now that the media thinks Joe Biden has the election in the bag, they’re finally reporting on all the juicy drama. (Even though his inauguration is far from a sure thing!) 

As it turns out, the Biden clan has been under the FBI’s watchful eye since way before the election.

The intelligence community knew. AG Barr knew. The Biden campaign knew! Even as they denied the laptop scandal and called it russian misinformation, they all knew! 

We all should’ve known too. Hunter Biden’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, told us all about it in an appearance on Tucker Carlson that was immediately discredited by the “fact-checkers” in the media.

In that interview,  Bobulinski told Tucker about how Joe Biden personally benefited from a stake in a Chinese business deal. He revealed how the Biden’s “wine and dined” him to secure his help for the deal.

He also detailed personal conversations with James Biden – the former VP’s brother – about how they felt comfortable doing these shady business deals because “plausible deniability.”

It seems that’s exactly what got James “Jim” Biden mixed up in the current investigations.

They were all in on a huge, corrupt deal to profit of of Joe Biden’s influence and they never thought they’d caught.

And the fake news made them feel really comfortable with that. 

Even with all of the evidence in front of our eyes in October, the media buried the facts and demanded we stop trusting our lying eyes.

When the New York Post dared to publish details of this bombshell, they were banned by social media. Anyone who posted their story was banned too! 

There was an undeniable, coordinated effort to kill and discredit the story before it could hurt King Joe.

Even NPR came out and called it a waste of time. They released a statement explaining their refusal to engage, saying “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” 

The question is: why report it now?

The growing conspiracy seems to be that the media is covering the Biden investigation NOW because they want to put the pressure on Joe Biden to resign. Before he even takes office, they’re planning a way out. 

The left has their eyes on Kamala Harris. The only way they could get their progressive dreamboat who received less than 1 percent of the vote from her own party would be a twisted, corrupt cover up like this.

And if she did take office, she would owe them BIG TIME. The media, the FBI, the political establishment that helped cover for Joe and then helped destroy him – they’d all have a President Harris under their thumb.

They’d love it!

But it makes you wonder… if these same puppet masters knew all of Joe’s dirty Chinese laundry and could’ve easily used it to blackmail and control him…

Why are they so excited for Kamala? 

What do they have on her?

Whatever it is, we probably won’t find out till they grow tired of her, too.

Buckle up.