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Here’s Joe Biden’s Eyebrow Raising Plan For COVID-19



This week the fraudulent President-elect who we will neve recognize as our leader, Joe Biden held a press conference detailing all the ways he will heroically save us from the Wuhan virus COVID-19. Despite the mainstream media collapsing into orgasm over his masterful “plan” – the details seem a little like nothing. 

Per Biden – its exactly three points: 

  1. Distribute 100 million vaccines in the first hundred days prioritizing health care workers

Trump Administration phase-1 vaccine roll out puts health care workers first

  1. Mandate masks for all americans in federal buildings and participating in interstate travel (re: airports and trains)

Every public building in America already requires masks – especially airports

  1. Send kids back to school 

Photographs by Gillian Laub for TIME Many students are already back at school and the rest of the schools are already in planning phases of how to “reopen safely.” 

We’re already doing literally 100% of these things thanks to President Trump. Thanks fake-President-elect Biden for predictably coming up with 0 new ideas to control something that humankind has 0 control over and President Trump handled extremely well. The answer is: No. Biden’s COVID “plan” is not anything at all.

The media legitimacy standard has reached new and truly epic lows.

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