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BREAKING: New Poll Shows The Impeachment Vote Could Have A Huge Impact On 2022 Elections



While Congress took over 6 months to move on the latest Coronavirus relief efforts, they wasted no time at all to put forward a plan to impeach President Trump just 7 days before he is set to leave office.

The Representatives on board in the House – including  a number of Republicans- have claimed the action is “the right thing to do,” but it seems many voters are not feeling the same way.

In fact, a new poll shows over 80% of Trump voters and 76% of Republicans are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes for impeachment.

The backlash is already enormous on social media – from supporters, not Trump himself, because of course he is still banned while they run through this sham process that will not involve a hearing or an investigation.

From what a “What a waste of time and ink!” to “Let them know TODAY, flood their offices with calls! Let them know we will never vote for them if they vote impeachment,” the supporters of President Trump have expressed clear disgust with the impeachment vote.

There’s no doubt, though, that these officials will reap what they sow. They’re ignoring their voters – and it shows! And it doesn’t look good for them.

Perhaps no one said it better than Mollie Hemingway, who pointed out the hard facts of a difficult time: “Congressional approval at 15% according to Gallup. 60% in another poll say impeachment is a waste of $/time. 77% wish Congress were working on Coronavirus, not impeachment. And 80% of GOP voters in battleground states say they’d be less likely to vote GOP who support impeachment.”

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