ALERT: Biden Acts Fast With A Flurry Of Executive Orders To Dismantle Trump’s Legacy – Free Press Fail
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ALERT: Biden Acts Fast With A Flurry Of Executive Orders To Dismantle Trump’s Legacy



On a nearly empty inaugural stage, welcomed by a non-existent crowd, in a Capitol surrounded by tall fences and thousands of National Guard troops, Joe Biden took the oath of office.

Almost the second he was officially sworn in, the lifelong politician got right to work on dismantling the Trump legacy with a flurry of executive orders.

According to CNN, the new president has pledged to stop the construction of the southern border wall, end the travel ban from countries supporting terrorism, and reverse Trump’s effort to rein in the authority of the EPA.

With just the stroke of a pen, Biden compromises national security on multiple fronts, allowing criminals to flood in through Mexico, terrorists to fly in from wherever, and forces America back to a reliance on foreign energy.

Good job!

Trump Thumbs Up - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

But that’s not it.

Biden also implemented a useless mask mandate on federal property and announced he will make efforts to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, cancel the 1776 project, and renew American commitment to the failing Worth Health Organization.

His team claims the executive actions will continue every day in January, so be prepared for more nonsense from the Biden-Harris administration.

It’s sure to be a long… however many years they’re going to let Biden have in office.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    January 21, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    And ‘Rightly so’! The World does not belong to the Con Rights and their ‘greed’, alone. BIDEN should act as quickly as possible to correct the ‘damage’ inflicted on AMERICA by TRUMP and his supporters and as a ‘show of good faith’ as being “AMERICANS”, the Conservative Right should throw in behind BIDEN and ‘wish him well’, for ALL AMERICA AND ALL ITS PEOPLE! However, knowing the ‘Conservative Right Mind’,my hopes and dreams of a UNIFIED AMERICA…is just a ‘pipe dream’. The Con Rights will do as they’ve always done, allow their ‘greed’, over blown ‘self-importance’ and ‘racism’, screw-up everything for everyone because they couldn’t have it all, for themselves! Just as TRUMP has done as POTUS! Fortunate for the Conservative Rights, they have “DECENT PEOPLE” LIKE BIDEN… to ‘hide’ behind when they need a ‘cover’ after a ‘major screw up’ like TRUMPISM! And BIDEN is ‘MAN’ enough, to let them! “Keep up the GOOD WORK, JOE!”

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