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LEFT-WING INSURRECTION: Rioters Go Wild In Portland Following Biden’s Inauguration

On Wednesday, a left-wing protest escalated into a violent demonstration against Joe Biden and our law enforcement officers.

Will Democrats in Congress denounce this?



Rioting in Portland is practically the new normal.

Maybe that’s why it’s not upsetting the left wing who have been determined to declare the events of January 6th as domestic terrorism.

On Wednesday, a so-called “J20 protest” escalated into a violent demonstration against Biden and law enforcement.

Police declared it an unlawful assembly after about 150 rioters caused damage to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) building by throwing rocks, eggs, and otherwise vandalizing the federal institution.

Witnesses reported violence against private citizens, too.

The Portland Police Bureau released a strong statement saying “We have observed property damage to the building. Anyone who is involved in criminal behavior including: vandalism and graffitting is subject to arrest or citation.”

But notably silent? Every liberal representative who has called for the heads of the Capitol rioters.

Do they only denounce violence when they can blame the unrest on President Trump?

Don’t answer… we already know. (Yes.)

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