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Biden Redecorates The Oval Office With Some New Faces, Media Reports It All Wrong



One of the first things every new president does is the same: redecorate the White House.

And of course, Biden did not miss his chance to make his decorations about virtue signaling.

He replaced a bust of Winston Churchill chosen by Trump with a bust of Latino rights activist, Cesar Chavez.

The bust prominently displayed on the table behind his desk with pictures of his family, where it will be noticed by everyone in any meeting or television address.

Chavez, of course, has strong ties to the communist party. And some Democrats – only some, now, cause it’s 2021 – have problems with this association.

Fortunately for Joe, the media is there to hide the truth from them! Washington Post took on the great effort of convincing the public the statue was NOT Chavez, it was actually Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yes, really. Look at how they set up this scene:


And THESE are the people we believe should be in charge of FACT-CHECKS?


As of now, the Washington Post hasn’t corrected their error here.