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INSURRECTION ALERT: Antifa Takes Hostages In Washington State



In the capital city of Olympia, Washington, nearly 50 armed aggressors overtook a Red Lion hotel with the express intention of “commandeering” the property for their own use. The group all clad in black representing themselves as Antifa shouted at staff and officers who arrived on the scene saying “F*** your sister” and “F*** your wife” and “rest in piss.” 

The mob entered the building carrying batons and knives and assaulted one of the employees who tried to block them from attacking the eight additional employees who ran to secure themselves in the basement as hostages. Officers were able to break up the mob and made only 12 arrests of the 45 or so members who took over the building. 

The Red Lion in question has actually served the community as emergency housing for homeless individuals. They have opened their doors voluntarily to provide relief to those most in need. This wasn’t enough for these rioters who claimed they were “not trying to cause harm” but merely “standing their ground” in making demands to reform for homeless sheltering in the area. 

Local media covered the event but for some reason considering the national media’s claim to super sensitivity in riots and insurrections, there has been no coverage by the national media. And leftists members of Congress comparing the Capitol riot to a hit on their lives don’t seem worried about the lives of the average Americans attacked in their businesses. Perhaps the fact that this attack happened to someone’s business instead of the fancy elites on their literal hill in Washington had something to do with the leftist media’s lack of interest in coverage. 

Or perhaps it was due to the fact that the media and hegemony claims that Antifa is a made up organization who the right pretends exists just to stir up trouble and blame progressives for problems that are organic and not invented by paid activist groups.

In fact, the only national media story on this attack decided to used the headline “SWAT teams sweep homeless out of Washington hotel.” Not quite the full picture of what was happening.

Washington (state) has been plagued with Antifa for months with no response by their weak Governor, Jay Inslee who is too busy shutting down businesses, siding with violent protestors and keeping his citizens impoverished to deal with the pesky issue of a shadow anarchist government forming under his very nose. First with “CHAZ” a literal secession within his own state and most recently with a riot in Tacoma, Washington just last week. 

While blue check marks and members of Congress decry the Capitol rioters (individuals who were totally in the wrong but none of whom were armed) as “terrorists” and “insurrections” they allow acts of violence and destruction across the country to go completely unchecked, unreported and even totally denied. 

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