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Trump Derangement Syndrome

BREAKING: Here’s Something You Really Need To Know About Democrat Impeachment Manager Raskin



This week, Democrats have presented their case in the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

The lead impeachment manager in the Senate trial, Rep. Jamie Raskin, has done a majority of the heavy lifting (and cried most of the tears) for the left.

He says Trump himself is responsible for the “act of terror” on January 6th. He claims the former president “incited violence” with the “big lie:” the notion that the election may have been stolen and that the 2020 electoral college should not be certified by Congress.

In fact, ALL of the Democrat impeachment managers have implied that opposing the certification of the electoral college is equal to an “act of war!”

So, then, there’s something you really need to know about Representative Raskin: Raskin himself fought against the certification of the Electoral College vote in the 2016 election!

Senator Rand Paul was among the first to call him out in a tweet, saying “So, it’s ok for Dem Jamie Raskin to try to ‘overturn’ Trump electors but it’s incitement to violence when Trump urged Congress to ‘overturn’ Biden electors? Isn’t that called hypocrisy?”

And he didn’t stop there.

Senator Paul pointed at the hypocrisy of the Democrats in another tweet: “Raskin to lead impeachment of Trump for advocating for the same thing Raskin did in 2016. Isn’t that called hubris?”

To answer the rhetorical question: Obviously, yes.

If opposing the certification of the Electoral College in 2020 is the “big lie,” wouldn’t Raskin be guilty of inciting violence in 2016?

Where’s his impeachment trial?

Is it coming?

When is it coming?

And most importantly, will it be more interesting than this boring one we’ve been watching all week?

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