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ALERT: Millions In Texas Are Struggling Without Power And You Can Blame The Left, Here’s Why



In Texas, millions have lost power in cold temperatures while suffering through historic winter storms.

There is no heat. There are no traffic lights. There is no cell service. In some parts of the state, they don’t even have clean water.

Hospitals are canceling surgeries and patients are going untreated. Kids in Texas who were back to school are back at home.

It’s terrible!

And the worst part is, it was all preventable.

Texas power outages can be blamed – exclusively – on the state’s commitment to “alternative energy” and “green” policies. Their investment in these feel-good resources over reliable ones left Texas residents without any resources at all.

The windmills froze, so the powergrid failed.

Good job, Texas!

On Monday, Tucker Carlson ripped into the left for the failures that should have been expected with the left’s short-sighted plans for energy.